Sunday, October 9, 2011

Southwest Stew

I wanted to post this dinner, because I was pretty happy with the ease of the product and the yummy fact of the dinner. A friend of mine hosted a Wildtree party a few weeks ago and since I was out of state I ordered a couple random items from the website, including the Southwest Stew. I had no idea, at that point, that the products were made of all natural ingredients and sans all the crazy fillers. This makes me ubber happy... hmm maybe ubber is going to be the word of the week again this week... Anyways I was impressed with how good this was with so little effort and since the majority of our meals are cooked from the freezer I love that we were able to freeze half for a later date!

Basically this is a fancy name for chili and that's what it was. The only variations I took from the directions on the box are below, otherwise it was as directed.

  1. I mixed 1lb lean ground beef with 1lb ground turkey for the 2lbs of meat.
  2. The kidney beans were put on top from the beginning. I can't remember to add beans an hour before it is completed. 

Ingredients ready
Ground Beef & Turkey 
Think he'll notice?
Dinner 2
Ran out of freezer bags, so must vacuum pack.

Let the cooking begin!

Cooked and ready to eat!

Dinner is served!

PS. In my opinion, this is too spicy for most children

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