Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the Purpose

I think I'm up for blogging again. The Big Yank's blog is still up here, but for the last year I was post just images and nothing informative, unless of course your name is Mimi. This blog will be different.

My hands and thoughts are everywhere right now; the Big Yank (Jackson) and :Little Yank (Brooklyn), starting Urbane Spa & Tan, my crafting that is currently focused on sewing, refinishing furniture, work, the Giant Yank (Tony), gardening, bulk cooking, cloth diapering and So yes, I thought since I have nothing better to do, I'll start a blog. Eventually though I will also like to move my photo invites and crafts under the Raisin' Yankee name.

There will be a lot of different things going on here from recipes and crafts to kids and reviews, so please be sure to use the labels to make navigation easier. And with that, away we go...

Final note... I will never be referred to as a Yank. I am and always will be the Texan.

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