Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ready to Craft

The kids and I returned from a 2 week trip to the Dallas area today. This trip turned out to be way more exciting than originally anticipated, but it's still nice to be back home. What did we do in Texas? Let's list:

  1. Gramps' 90th birthday party
  2. Visit from BFF and family from Austin
  3. Meet the baby and pool party
  4. Other BFF and husband have beautiful baby girl
  5. Husband leaves after 1st week to return to work
  6. Can't find sewing supplies, so I decide to remove everything from mom's crazy garage and guest bedroom  to organize her. 
  7. Drive out to East Texas to visit Mamaw and Aunt & Uncle
Mom and I were supposed to just sew and craft the entire time, but since I couldn't find supplies we didn't get to that. BUT at least she is organized and can find everything now. Unfortunately that has not diminsed my NEED to craft in any way, but has at this point actually increased it. So I am not listing the projects I am ubber excited to get started on (in no particular order):
  • Bows, Bows and more Bows. We visited this sure cute resale shop/ baby boutique and I bought some bows for the baby and OMG I want her to wear them everyday. I have sold bows in the past, so getting going on that won't be a problem since I started tonight. 
  • Rag Rugs, Table Runners and Placemats. My Mamaw crocheted these while I was growing up and I've been itching to talk to her about them. This weekend I had the chance. The rug I am going to make for the living room will basically be a granny square or hexagon pattern, just need the fabric. Salvation army here I come!
  • Making a cute yet functional entry way. This one is close, but I just have to complete it. I have the old wooden toy box (sans old ucky paint) that will be the bench, paint and fabric for said bench just need the foam. Also waiting for fancy hooks (hobby lobby) and crown molding for coat rack and finally the "family nerve center" with mail spot, calendar and chalkboard. 
  • Flower clips. With alll these friends having baby girls, including myself, i need to get busy on this. Little yank looks absolutely adorable in a simple yet huge pink daisy on a headband, since she's bald. 
  • Pillowcase and a line dresses. This is totally a new obsession and I can't stop. I've already purchased some cute fabric and will begin the cutting process soon. 
  • Fleece soakers. Mom bought us the most adorable fleece fabric while we were back home and I can't wait to get that little clothed diaper a bit more fashionable. The pattern is complete on this one, just again need to do it. Do we sense a pattern here?
  • Little Yank's mobile. Oh wow is that baby growing everyday. I've been looking for a mobile since I was pregnant and still haven't found anything, but it's time for something. She is so interested in everything around her now, so girlfriend needs something to look at. I have decided to make a mobile from different coordination ribbons and acrylic crystals and beads. Also thinking of making these for the holidays in the entry. 
  • Fabric wreath. Lastly I will be decorating for Halloween this weekend and next, and with that comes wreaths. I wanted to try something different this year and my fabric wreaths will be it. I'm thinking of making one for each season and giving sets for Christmas presents. Yes, it's time to start thinking about that. 
So wow, that's quite the list. I'm also still making my denim bibs and fancy burb cloths, both of which are super cute. Now I just need to do some work in order to afford to complete all these projects and to do that I must sleep. Good night friends. 

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