Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cloth Diaper Craziness

Laundry Day
When I tell people that I cloth lil yank they usually look at me like I'm speaking another language. They think it's even stranger when I tell them I actually like it. I think that's the thing with cloth though, either you love it or you don't, but even those that say they don't I think they just didn't really give it a chance. The other misconception is that I'm a tree-hugger. Umm no. While I try to do my part in creating a greener world, there are still many things I could do. Actually I started CDing because #1 many of them are super cute, #2 Momma's got save some money and #3 there is a huge reduction in waste. Who knew there was an entire CDing language with initials flying around EVERYWHERE. There are some great informational blogs on CDing with awesome acronym decoding, this is the site that really helped me get started.

This is my first post on cloth diapering, but not the last. Here's what we have and what I think of each:

Flip Hybrid Diaper System (both snap and hook & loop)

These are my favorite! We have a bunch of the flip inserts, bought both new and at diaperswappers.com and myuseddiapers.com and they are probably my favorite. I also used prefolds (I prefer Indian to Chinese), but while I have 6 of the organic inserts I'm not really crazy about them. They seem nice and are pretty soft, but they just don't suck it up that well. We also use the disposable inserts when heading out. I'm not completely sold on them, because she has had 2 major blowouts with the disposables though she blowouts out disposable diapers nearly every time she wears them.

The Flip covers have fit since lil yank was about 3 weeks old and she was a month early. Plus they are one-size, which is a major selling point for me. We have 5 different colors for a total of 8 Flip covers, 6 organic inserts and 15 inserts, I think.

What I like best about the Flip is they hold it in so well! Unlike most diaper covers, there are tucks on the front and back so no pee is sneaking out. THIS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE! (see below) Plus they are very trim, she can wear her regular clothes over them without looking like she has a bear belly.


This is the Flip's red-headed step-child, literally. Both diaper covers are made by Cotton Babies and they look alike, but you can feel the difference! Econobum is WAY thinner and there are no tucks. It's still a good diaper cover, and one-sized, especially for the price. This is the answer if the initial cost is holding you back!

Cutey Baby

Remember I was talking about cloth diapers being cute? This is what I'm talking about. Just because it holds poop, it doesn't have to look like it! These diapers are adorable, BUT...she weighs 13.5 lbs and they are still a bit big. While the website doesn't exactly say they are one-size, there aren't actual sizes to make you think otherwise. These are AIOs and they are the AIOs I like the best, but I haven't really tried that many because of their cost.

One main draw to these besides the aesthetics is the ease. The insert is connected and just comes right out in the wash, which is a huge +! The scratchy side of the velcro is removable for washing, but I'm not really sold on this. It makes the velcro bulkier because instead of 2 pieces of velcro, there are 4 (but 2 are sewn together) and I don't really have a problem with this with any of my other diapers. The box set is really neat and so very practical. There are 6 AIO diapers, 2 wet/dry bags, rolls of liners and extra velcro.

YOYOO Diaper Cover
More of the same with the YoYoos (the tucks are again the only think really missing). I really like the ease of the diaper covers. I like that if it's just pee, the cover can be used again. Since lil yank is a girl, she doesn't like being wet and I can't imagine the laundry I'd be doing without the cover feature.


I'm being real honest here. I know everyone is crazy about Kushies, but I'm not. I just don't like them. Maybe it's because she's still on the lower end of the weight scale for the size, but they leak... AS SOON AS I PUT THEM ON HER. Do you know how frustrating that is? Maybe I have a bad batch. Whatever the reason, the ones I have, I do not like. We have the 5 infant pack of the Ultra Washable.

Proraps Classic Diaper Cover

These are a basic diaper cover, again no tucks so the risk of leaks is greater and they are sized, but they are affordable. And that about covers it.

Babyland & Coolababy

These diapers are all over ebay. They can be purchased individually or as a package. I'm not real into the stuffing of pocket diapers, just because of the stuffing part. Personally I think it's a pain in the bootie, but I have a friend that now has her son in pockets only. These come straight from China, if that affects your buying decision, so also expect delays. I find that the odor when urine hits the PUL is stinkier with these diapers than with anything else we own.

I make her soakers (yes they will be for sell soon) and these with an insert and diaper cover are what she wears at night.  Wipes were then the next natural switch for me. When you are putting cloth diapers in your pail you really don't want to me hunting through it looking for disposable wipes and if you wash them, they turn into fluff, tangled mess. This makes the switch a fairly easy one.

Cloth diapering has been a real eye opener financially. B is nearly 5 months old and we have had 3 Jumbo packages of newborn diapers, as well as a box of Kirkland diapers. The box is still over half full. I think that's pretty incredible. She doesn't stink, her room doesn't stink and I don't swirl them in the toilet. I soak them in the washer, prewash, then wash and hang. Not bad my friend, not bad.

Just a note - These are purely my opinions!


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