Friday, September 30, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

This week doing normal things I kept thinging "I love this". Since this kept happening I figured I'd make note of some of them. I love:

-my magic bullet. It grids my coffee beans then goes directly into make a frothy latte.
-my super awesome Kreuig coffee maker, such yummy goodness without throwing half down the drain.
-the DIY network. I just wish I could afford to do all the projects. Some people by clothes, I buy crafty goodness.
-my Tupperware can opener. Have no idea why the lid remover is so awesome to me, but it is. Plus no sharp edges for little fingers.
-baby swing and bouncers. What did they do without these? Hours of entertainment for mom, dad and tot.
-spray tans. Look good, feel good without damage. (Yes I do them)
-my Miche bag. It's huge and can fit everything for brookie, jackman and mommy.
- my sewing machine. It is cursed at more than anything else in my life, but it keeps trucking along.
-gorilla glue. Nuff said.
-X Factor. This is pretty funny because I typically dislike reality/talent tv with a passion (ok maybe Teen Mom is a guilty pleasure but that's because its such a train wreck).
-browser bookmarks. I used to print out everything I found online, just to never be able to find it again.
-YouTube and WiFi can entertain a 3 yr old perfectly while waiting.
-the good ol crockpot. Especially when coming home and its been cooking all day.

That's some of what I love right now. I'll write them down next time so I don't forget.

Happy loving

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