Friday, September 23, 2011

Craft Bummer

I told myself all day that all I wanted to do during "craft time", aka after the kids are in bed, was bows. All I wanted to do was make a ton of bows, then tomorrow stack and finish them. So I think I forced the issue tonight. My bows look like crap and that makes me bummed!

Today, I got some new fabric that I'm going to make lil yank dresses with matching bibs for the fall and I think that's where my head was. Ughhh. Bows aren't hard, but you do have to be a little focused. So now they are ucky and I have to find something to do with the 30 or so that were made today.

Okay, I feel better now. Just needed to get that out. Now to sit in my big comfy chair watch 3 back episodes of Vampire Diaries and finish crocheting my new owl hat, that I can do without a brain.

This weekend I will be decorating for Halloween, winterizing the yard, sanding the entry bench (tutorial to come) and start the baby's dresses. Then thrity-one party on Monday! It's going to be a busy one!


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  3. Thanks for the follow! Following back! I am so horrible about carving out my craft time! I made a bunch of felt hair baubles last week, but never got them on the hair clips. And then I have tons of jewelry laying around, that I keep procrastinate about taking pics of for my Etsy shop. Hello, I'm Bri, and I love to procrastinate, haha.

  4. I hate when I do that! I have messed up so many crafts by not being focused even though I dying to get them done.

    Found you via MBC and am now following. Good luck on getting to 100. =)

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  6. Ohh...and here I am not even capable of sewing on buttons properly. Hahaha! Wish I could learn to crochet and sew like you but I just don't have the skills(and patience) for that.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. The blog is very cute :) I'm sure you'll find a ton of things to do with your bows.

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  10. New follower from MBC. I wish that I was as crafty as you! I am not. Good thing a lady from church is teaching my daughter to sew.

  11. Always hard to find time to craft, but always worth it! :)